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An investor’s personal information saved on our servers is retained for as long as their subscription remains ACTIVE. An account becomes DORMANT if the closing balance at any point in time is LESS THAN $20. The system is programmed to block dormant accounts from trading. Reactivation of dormant accounts can be requested in writing via [email protected] or [email protected].

Investors are entitled to 24/7 automated trading with 0.35% weekly Return on Investment, which is subject to upward review as the community grows.

However, 20 minutes is allotted to withdrawal daily. If no withdrawal is requested within this timeframe, the system automatically commences another 24hr trading cycle. The onset of the 20 minutes is variable and corresponds with the exact time each investor’s account was activated.

AAS uses ONLY USDT TRC-20 for both deposit and withdrawal. Please note that any other crypto currency deposited by users is done at their own risk. The minimum deposit amount is $20 while the minimum withdrawal amount is $50. Any deposit below $20 will not be recognized by the system so each investor should endeavor to add the charges peculiar to the exchange they are withdrawing from and the 0.65% liquidity pool charge, which is usually displayed on the deposit page.

Each time a deposit is initiated, the blockchain generates a unique TRC-20 wallet address for the investor to pay to and gives just about 3 to 5 minutes for the exercise. If the investor wastes time in making the payment, the generated address will expire leading to failed deposit history; so good network and speed must be ensured while funding an account. Care should be taken NOT to refresh the deposit page while making payment until a payment confirmation message from AAS is received. If the deposit page is refreshed before the payment is completed, the blockchain will cancel the already assigned deposit address and generate a fresh address for payment, leading to a failed transaction report in the deposit history.

A one-time password (OTP) is generated before any requested withdrawal can be authorized and processed. Thus, investors should protect their accounts from unauthorized withdrawals by keeping their phones, emails, and login passwords safe from 3rd party access.

Investors are not allowed to register two or more accounts with the same registration details. Defaulters will be suspended and the accounts frozen.

Once an investor has received and withdrawn an amount equal to or exceeding 70% of their investment capital through ROI payments, the customer agrees that they will not have the right to request the investment capital again. The investor may continue to receive ROI payments. Investors are advised to often check the terms and conditions regularly for any changes to this ROI and Capital Withdrawal Policy. It is the responsibility of the investor to stay informed about the current policy. This policy is subject to all relevant laws and regulations governing financial transactions. In the event of any conflict between this policy and applicable laws, the latter shall prevail. By continuing to use the services provided by AAS, the investor agrees to abide by this ROI and Capital Withdrawal Policy.

www.afriqjmarbitrage.us and www.afriqjmarbitrage.com remain the operational websites of Afriq Arbitrage System LLC. Anyone that transacts business with any other similar website does so at their own risk.

Similarly, Afriq Arbitrage System LLC does not offer any App to users. BEWARE of any app being offered in our name.