Frequently Asked Questions

No. If the system detects two accounts with the same account details, both will be suspended and all the funds frozen. Each account must have its unique registration details and wallet.

No. AAS employs the services of a topnotch security authentication SMS provider to generate a one-time password (OTP) before any withdrawal is authorized.

Both deposits and withdrawals are made using USDT TRC 20.

No. AAS app is not available at present and it is uncertain if one will be released.

Just three steps to get started on the AAS platform:

  • Click on the registration link provided to you by the person who introduced you.
  • Follow the registration procedure by filling required fields.
  • Go to deposit, copy the wallet address generated and do your deposit.

Yes, AAS operates a direct referral incentive structure. Referrers earn a 5% commission from the daily profits of their referred users only

No, AAS is automated to execute 21 trades per day on average with 0% losses.

A cycle of trade is the amount of time it takes for the daily transactions to complete and return both your capital and profit.

A cycle is approximately 24 hours. Each round of the cycle will close at a slightly different time.

For example, If your account has $ 500. The bot will execute trades on your behalf until you are left with $ 0. At the end of the trade cycle, your $ 500 plus profit will be back in your wallet and the trading cycle will be repeated on the higher balance, compounding your gains each time.

Have any question in mind? Please call or mail us.